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Cypress & Chestnut

Pastry Boutique

Cake| Sweet Treat| Gift Box

-About us-

The name Cypress and Chestnut are the names of the street names of the streets of my home when I first moved to America.

Although I went through many hardships and challenges, I recall those days with warmth, nostalgia, and affection. 

The way I am drawn back to the streets of Cypress and Chestnut is the same feeling I wish every one of you are drawn back to our store.

I hope Cypress & Chestnut can bring the same warmth to everyone, allowing our delectable pastries to help you enjoy of a moment of being carefree again,

 like the times I enjoyed on the streets of Cypress & Chestnut.

-Take out-

Cypress &Chestnut provides 6/7/8/9 inch cakes.

All the pastries are handmade in limited quantity,

please make your order 5 days in advance.

Every single of piece of the cake has its uniqueness.

The ingredients are freshly selected and is perfect for sharing with the people you love the most.

The cake should be refrigerated within 40 minutes. To keep the freshness of the cake,please finish it in two days.



        We will open the reservation dates for the next month on the 25th of each month at 9:00 in the evening.

        Seats cannot be assigned, seats will be arranged on site.

        Desserts and tea will be provided.

        *In-house dining time is 2 hours, with a minimum purchase of $180 per person

We hope to provide a comfortable space for everyone

        *The number of dining reservations is limited.